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That  Matter

Women's Rights

  • We must defend Roe v. Wade in Connecticut and that means electing a State Representative who believes in bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. Our current Representative Cara Pavalock-D'Amato voted against reproductive rights and wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned. 

  • We must continue to close the pay gap, ensure full access to healthcare for women, and eliminate increased pricing on women's products. 

Our State Budget

  • We must continue to find efficiencies to reduce the state budget while protecting education funding and paying down our pension obligations. Democrats passed the largest tax cut in Connecticut history this year while also paying down our pension obligations by 5.1 billion dollars. This was done without sacrificing our values and the programs that millions of people depend on each year.

Educational Funding

  • Currently, the Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) grant program exists in Connecticut and bases contributions to public elementary and secondary education on the income of a town’s residents and the town’s property tax base. This is a good attempt at providing equity in quality of education among the variety of income levels in different towns across Connecticut. It is apparent the system is not structured properly to provide adequate funding to the low-income communities in our state. We must revise this program to allow additional funds to the communities that need it most.

  • We must ensure funding is provided to allow for all students and teachers to manage the new normal of the classroom, including remote learning, as needed, and access not only to the hardware needed but also services such as WiFi, even in the most poverty-struck areas.

  • Students must have access to guidance counselors and mental health professionals.

  • I will work with Bristol’s Board of Education to determine our needs from the State and with my fellow Legislators at the State level to enact change to the ECS program to assist in meeting those needs.


  • Affordable access to healthcare should be a human right, not a luxury for the wealthy. We must have an affordable government insurance option available. Government provided healthcare insurance options will allow employers to pay their employees higher wages by redirecting the funds they would typically spend on insurance to their wages. This will also help lower the impact of job loss by maintaining health coverage through the government plan.

  • Expanding telemedicine access will help strengthen health care services for all.

  • We need to enact laws to protect access to women’s reproductive healthcare.

  • I will fight at the State level for healthcare that benefits everyone for the long-term.

Economic Development

  • As a Commissioner on Bristol’s Economic and Community Development (ECD) Board, I have a front row seat to the needs of businesses in the city. Bristol’s Enterprise Zone has not been fully funded by the State in years.

  • I will work with the ECD, City Council and the Mayor’s office to fight for proper funding from the State and make Bristol the place businesses want to be.


Renewable Energy

  • We need to improve access to wind, solar and geothermal energy sources.

  • I will work to support programs to allow residents to choose solar energy for their homes without large financial burdens.

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