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Educational Funding

  • Currently, the Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) grant program exists in Connecticut and bases contributions to public elementary and secondary education on the income of a town’s residents and the town’s property tax base. This is a good attempt at providing equity in quality of education among the variety of income levels in different towns across Connecticut. It is apparent the system is not structured properly to provide adequate funding to the low-income communities in our state. We must revise this program to allow additional funds to the communities that need it most.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that changes are needed. Smaller class sizes, additional teachers, remote learning, electronics, etc. all come at a cost. We must ensure funding is provided to allow for all students and teachers to manage the new normal of the classroom, including remote learning and access not only to the hardware needed but also services such as WiFi, even in the most poverty-struck areas.

  • I will work with Bristol’s Board of Education to determine our needs from the State and with my fellow Legislators at the State level to enact change to the ECS program to assist in meeting those needs.


  • Affordable access to Healthcare should be a human right, not a luxury for the wealthy. We must have an affordable government insurance option available for those that need or choose it. Government provided healthcare insurance options will allow employers to pay their employees higher wages by redirecting the funds they would typically spend on insurance to their wages. This will also help lower the impact of job loss by maintaining health coverage through the government plan.

  • I will fight at the State level for Healthcare that benefits everyone for the long-term.


Police Accountability

  • The ongoing issues surrounding Police actions, specifically but not limited to those against the Black community, have proven that change is needed. We must demand adequate Police training, both during initial training and on an on-going basis. We must demand every Police Officer wears a body cam and proper policies are in place to ensure these are used during every interaction, from beginning to end with strict punishment for those that violate these policies. We must demand proper oversight of State and municipal Police including proper structuring of Police Commissions and auditing of Police day-to-day activities and use of force.

  • I will fight for reform to policies that will ensure proper oversight of Police departments, accountability and transparency.


Economic Development

  • As a Commissioner on Bristol’s Economic and Community Development (ECD) Board, I have a front row seat to the needs of businesses in the City. Bristol’s Enterprise Zone has not been fully funded by the State in years.

  • I will work with the ECD, City Council and the Mayor’s office to fight for proper funding from the State and make Bristol the place businesses want to be.


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