Fighting for Families

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Experience to Understand Every Bristol Family

I am a life-long resident of Bristol currently raising my family of three children and three dogs with my husband, Ken of 6 years. In the early months of 2015, Ken and I went through the Connecticut Department of Children & Families’ Foster and Adoptive licensing program to become Licensed Foster Parents and to have our home certified for pre-adoptive placements. A few months after completing the program, our license was fully approved and it wasn’t long before we received our first call to take in then three-year old Kaidyn. We went into this program with the goal of doing as much good as we could for children in need and treating them as our own as long as they were with us.


From the moment Kaidyn entered our home, he was our son. After the next 855 days of an emotional rollercoaster, never knowing if Kaidyn would eventually become ours or return to his biological family, it was finally official and Kaidyn was legally adopted as a Rasmussen-Tuller. During this time, we had fostered two other children who were reunified with their biological families and we took placement of then 3-month old, Isaiah in July 2017, followed by his newborn premature sister, Bella in March 2018. After yet another emotional ride of court proceedings, back and forth visitation with their biological parents and the unknown, Isaiah and Bella were officially adopted in November 2019. Kaidyn is now 8 years old and attends Bristol Public Schools while Isaiah is 3 years old and Bella is 2 years old, both attending preschool in Bristol.

I am hard-working, family-oriented and dedicated to using my experiences to represent the residents of Bristol in the State House of Representatives. With a background in retail and manufacturing management along with my experience in the community as a local Realtor, I understand the needs of the people and will strive to balance what’s in the best interest of all. I currently serve on the Economic and Community Development Board for the City of Bristol since being appointed in December 2019.

I attended Bristol Public Schools and am currently attending Post University to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. I understand the challenges of working full-time, raising a family and pursuing a degree.

My goal in becoming the 77th District Representative is to bring forward the concerns of the community, support local government and bring a fresh perspective that aligns with the best interests of all constituents in the City of Bristol all while taking a bipartisan stance on issues.


Equality Meets Opportunity

I believe in human dignity, that every person has the same rights for happiness and opportunity that everyone else does—regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, or race. WE, THE PEOPLE, have certain unalienable rights. That means all people.

I believe in a fair wage for a fair day's work, that people are more important than corporations, and that workers deserve protections from policies that privilege profit over what we all know is right. 


I believe that improving our society is up to us, that we should help others whenever we can. That means working to improve education, eliminate generational poverty, overcoming racism, and ensuring families have enough to make ends meet so that our children's lives are better than our parents' lives. That's a future worth fighting for.